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Welcome to Heartland Real Estate, we are so excited to be in business with you!

This page is designed to let you know the systems that we use as well as how to access them!

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This information will get you on the right start with our systems!



New agent orientation will be scheduled monthly.  Please see HREcalendar.com for the next date and watch for an invite coming from the our team during your onboarding.  This orientation when provided will be required.

Heartland Real Estate, LLC

Heartland Real Estate is the name of our brokerage.  You will commonly hear the acronym HRE as it’s short for Heartland Real Estate – just the same as KW is Keller Williams, BHHS is Berkshire!

Our legal name with the Georgia Real Estate Commission is Heartland Real Estate, LLC and that is what should be written on your contracts.

When writing a contract, HRTL01 is the MLS Office Code and H-80183 is the Firm License Number.

Office Phone Number, Address and Access

The brokerage phone number is (470) 655-1976  Our office address is 2160 Morningside Drive, Suite 175, Buford, Georgia 30518.  Our offices are open from 9am-5pm Monday thru Friday.

Broker Access

Broker Access here is amazing, we ask that you EMAIL first.  You can email us at broker@heartlandga.com.  The brokers usually answer quickly.  You can also call the office line.


SkySlope is our transaction management system.  Your log in will be your Heartland email address.  Please refer to the training section there for “How to” videos.  Important documents are housed in the office documents, then working docs section.


We provide free wifi here at the the office as well as all future offices!  The SSID will be the same at this location and all locations!  There will be two different SSID’s that you will see – the Heartland Real Estate – 2G (for more vintage laptops) and Heartland Real Estate – 5G (for newer laptops).  The network password is the same for each SSID and that is “HRETribe” – Please remember to use the Capital HRET as the password is case sensitive.


GSCCCA is the appropriate way to pull true and accurate legal descriptions for Listing Agreements and Purchase and Sale Agreements.  GSCCCA is provided to our agents as a courtesy paid by the brokerage.  The username and login can be found under Working Docs/Office Docs in SkySlope.  There shall be no time that you print (including saving as a pdf)  the Warranty Deeds in GSCCCA.  IF YOU ARE FOUND TO HAVE PRINTED AND HEARTLAND IS CHARGED FOR THIS, YOU WILL BE CHARGED THE FEES INCURRED AS WELL AS A $25 ADMIN FEE.  YOU CAN LOG INTO GSCCCA.ORG HERE

Policy and Procedure Manual

Our policies and procedures manual is designed to make sure you know the rules here at Heartland Real Estate.  Any policy that we will enforce will come from this manual.  It is updated from time to time, any updates will be emailed out to our agents and always available following the link below!  Should you have any questions about a policy, we are always willing to explain the why behind any policy we have!

Download Policy and Procedure Manual

Heartland Email Addresses

We give each of our REALTORS® a branded Heartland email address!  It will be your firstname.lastname@heartlandga.com.  We feel confident that real estate is the single largest investment our clients will ever make and we want them to see the professionalism we have to offer here at Heartland!  This email is an “email forward” meaning we will set your Heartland email to forward to your existing email – if you have gmail (we recommend you create a free account) then you can set the email so that the client never knows it’s a GMAIL account and your emails come from Heartlandga.com – all you do is create a “reply to address” in the settings and when they email you at the Heartlandga.com and you reply, then you are replying from heartlandga.com.

Following this link to watch how easy this is done!  VIDEO ON REPLY TO ADDRESS SETTINGS (your email forward is setup by the email that you provided on your Heartland application, should you change that email, please let us know so that we can update that email forward for you)

Earnest Money Policy

It is the policy of Heartland Real Estate, LLC that we will NOT hold any earnest money.  When writing your contracts or accepting offers for your listings, please keep this in mind!  We suggest the closing attorney hold the earnest money (if they do, please ensure you have the F510, F511 attached with the documents for the compliance).

Should the closing attorney not hold the earnest money, the other broker can hold it.  Earnest Money Deposits are the most protected aspect of the transaction, just because the other broker is holding it doesn’t mean if something goes wrong, it’s automatically going to be given to the other party.  If you have any questions, please let us know!

REALTOR® Membership

At Heartland Real Estate, we are REALTOR® brokerage.  That means that 100% of our agents will be members of a local Board of REALTORS®, Georgia Association of REALTORS® and National Association of REALTORS®.

Our policy states you have 30 days from joining the brokerage to join a Board of REALTORS®.  If you already a member, please notify the brokerage of your affiliation and which board you are a member of.  If you are transferring from another brokerage, it’s your responsibility to notify the board of your change in brokers (Designated REALTOR®) per the bylaws of most boards within 30 days.  

You can only be a member of a board that your Broker is a member of.  Your Broker is currently a member of the following boards:


Northeast Atlanta Metro Association of REALTORS® (NAMAR)
Athens Area Association of REALTORS®
Hall County Board of REALTORS®
I-85 North Board of REALTORS®
East Metro Board of REALTORS®

South Carolina

Western Upstate Association of REALTORS®

There are so many benefits to your business of being a member of a REALTOR® board, if you have questions, please see a member of your admin staff at the office.  For your convenience, we have included the links to join a board below:

Northeast Atlanta Metro Association of REALTORS® – NAMAR – Join NOW
Athens Area Association of REALTORS® – AAAR – Join NOW
Hall County Board of REALTORS® – Join NOW
I-85 North Board of REALTORS™ – Join NOW
East Metro Board of REALTORS® – Join NOW

Western Upstate Association of REALTORS® – Join NOW

REALTOR® Code of Ethics 

This must be taken as a new agent or once every three years.  If you need REALTOR® Code of Ethics, you can attend the course online HERE

If you aren’t sure of your Code of Ethics status – CLICK HERE

Transferring of Active Listings to Heartland Real Estate

Any listing that is active with your current brokerage, if allowed, can be transferred to Heartland Real Estate as we onboard you!  The process is fairly simple.  You will fill out the MLS Change forms (CLICK HERE).  GaMLS requires the signature of your seller, FMLS does not.  Those forms will need to be signed by the broker that the listings are currently with.  Once they have signed them and sent them to you, you will forward those to us.  We will ensure they have been sent to both MLS’s.  Additionally, you will need to get new Exclusive Listing Agreements signed by your seller allowing Heartland to list their property.  All of these forms will then be upload to SkySlope as a listing.

Signs, Business Cards and other Heartland Real Estate Swag

Branding is very important to us at Heartland Real Estate.  We are very strict on our branding guidelines on purpose as you are aware because of the name recognition that Heartland Real Estate has already received.  We will always adhere to the rules of advertising set forth by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.  If you have any questions, please let us know.  All items that have HRE or Heartland Real Estate on them must be approved by a member of the administration.  You can order approved items through the HRE Store.  Any item ordered there will need no authorization.

Design standards are outlined in our Brand Guidelines document and can be downloaded – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


As always, we are here to help you!  We want you out selling instead of stressing over these things. 

If you spend a short amount of time getting these things setup initially,
the success of your business will be great! 

Again, thank you for your confidence in us and your partnership
with us means the world.

We can’t wait to see you and your accomplishments in the very near future!