Heartland Real Estate Technology

Welcome to Heartland Real Estate, we are so excited to be in business with you!

This page is designed to let you know the systems that we use as well as how to access them!

We are always available to assist you!

Facebook - Heartland Real Estate Agent Only

Private Facebook Group

We have a private Facebook Group just for our agents here at Heartland.  As soon as you come, you will be invited to this page, so long as, you have friended one of the brokers here at Heartland.

This is a great group for collaboration, lots of our agents are so willing to share.  Often times, our folks will post questions here before even going to the brokers and get multiple responses on how others would handled that situation.

If you haven’t been invited to that group, you can request to join that group by CLICKING HERE. 

BrokerMint, real estate office software


BrokerMint is our backend software that you will use to upload your transactions as they go live and pending.

You will be first exposed to BrokerMint during your On-Boarding process.  This is where you will sign your Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA), your Commission Plan Agreement (CPA) and upload your Driver’s License and other pertinent information we need here at the brokerage.

Upon signing in, there is a “Need Help” button at the bottom right corner.  There you will find tons of training videos but if you need immediate help, email ops@heartlandga.com for assistance.



Heartland Headquarters

Heartland Headquarters is powered by StackWrap.  This is a single sign-on solution that will assist you in all the technology you need here at Heartland.




Wise Agent - Real Estate CRM


WiseAgent is a top tier CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) that can leverage your communication with your clients and customers.

This software is offered to the brokerage at a discounted fee (Heartland pays half) and statistically can increase your transactional volume by five or more extra transactions a year if used properly.  The system is connected to GeorgiaMLS, FMLS and has the capability to do landing pages, open house pages and much much more.  The white labeled account that Heartland Real Estate has purchased also gives you the ability to text your clients as well.



IDX Broker - Website MLS Connection

IDX Broker

There isn’t really anything you need to do for this technology.  This is a service we pay for here at Heartland Real Estate to connect the MLS’s to our website.  

Your photo and biography are attached to the site and should be updated regularly.

Check out your page, CLICK HERE – If a lead comes in under your page, then you will get an email with the lead.  You can also use your landing page to promote searches and leads that come in via that also come to you directly.



Box Brownie

BoxBrownie is a great tool that can help edit your listing photos.  They offer virtual staging, photoshopping to get rid of unwanted items in a photo.  We have a relationship with them and if you use the Coupon Code – NAKIA you will get a credit to try the services out and there’s enough credit to do several photos.

BoxBrownie also offers AI writing services to create your listing descriptions.  You can complete a form and it will automatically write the listing description for FREE!  Check it out – CLICK HERE




GSCCCA is the appropriate way to pull true and accurate legal descriptions for Listing Agreements and Purchase and Sale Agreements. 

GSCCCA is provided to our agents as a courtesy paid by the brokerage.  The username and login can be found in the Facebook Group under the Pinned posts at the top. 

There shall be no time that you print (including saving as a pdf)  the Warranty Deeds in GSCCCA.  IF YOU ARE FOUND TO HAVE PRINTED AND HEARTLAND IS CHARGED FOR THIS, YOU WILL BE CHARGED THE FEES INCURRED AS WELL AS A $25 ADMIN FEE.  


Ricoh Tours

Ricoh Tours

We offer 360° Virtual Tour using the Ricoh Tours Camera that Heartland has purchased.  

88% of all listings are seen by a buyer before they even contact a real estate professional.  Why not stand apart from your competition by offering a virtual tour for each of your listings.  This is a very simple service that will elevate you above the rest!  

This service is $50 per listing and you can set that up by emailing ops@heartlandga.com to schedule a time to capture the photos.  You will receive two links (HRE Branded and Unbranded) for use on social media as well as the MLS.  


Georgia MLS

Georgia MLS

GaMLS has been a staple in the real estate industry for years.  Many of our REALTOR® Partners obtained their real estate license by using GaMLS.  

This is certainly a tech that you need to know in this business.  GaMLS offers approximately 18 different services.  Including Paragon, ConnectMLS, TransactionDesk, CubiCasa, CRS Tax Suite and many, many more features. 


First MLS


FMLS for years was an “inside the perimeter” tool.  This absolutely isn’t the case any longer and to be successful in this business, you need to know this MLS as well. 

This is certainly a tech that you need to know in this business.  FMLS offers approximately 20 different services.  Including Matrix, Remine, Remine Docs, Realist Tax Records and many, many more features.


Classic MLS Athens

Classic MLS

Classic MLS is the Athens Area Association of REALTORS® board owned MLS.

This MLS is paid for by the REALTOR® Partner and you must be a secondary member of Athens Area Association of REALTORS® in order to be a member of the MLS. 

You will also need a secondary Supra Key Access to show properties in that area. 

For more information on how to access this MLS, please email us – broker@heartlandga.com 




Supra is the mobile app you will use to access the lockboxes in our area.  You will need a subscription before you can access them.  You can get that subscription from GaMLS or FMLS.  That cost is roughly $20 per month.

Download the mobile app HERE:



ShowingTime is utilized to manage the showings of your listings.  It’s a service offered by both GaMLS and FMLS.  You need a system for everything you do.  As you put your listing in both MLS’s, you will need to go into ShowingTime and “merge” the listings to best serve your clients.  You can then put your seller’s contact information in and set up the showing instructions. 

PRO TIP: Always upload your listing disclosures and put the Supra Lockbox number in the listing.  When you put those two items in, as the buyer’s agent shows the property, when they access the lockbox, they will automatically get an email from you with the listing disclosures and you seem like the hero because you are on top of things but really, you just have amazing systems!

Download the mobile app HERE:




Forewarn is a REALTOR® safety product provided to you by GaMLS.  

Gain instant knowledge prior to face-to-face engagements to better understand and address risk. Using as little as an incoming phone number, FOREWARN can provide real-time verification of an individual from the palm of your hand, enabling safer engagements and smarter interactions.

Download the mobile app HERE:


As always, we are here to help you!  We want you out selling instead of stressing over these things. 

If you spend a short amount of time getting these things setup initially,
the success of your business will be great! 

Again, thank you for your confidence in us and your partnership
with us means the world.