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Is your home market ready?

When selling your home, you will want to be sure your home presents itself well to prospective buyers. But, where do you begin? Here is a list of the top ten tips to getting your home ready to put on the market.

Have a trusted friend or family member that doesn’t currently live with you walk through your home as if they were a potential buyer.

Let them scrutinize every little detail of your home. I know this may seem hard, but don’t let their feedback hurt your feelings! We understand that you are comfortable within the walls of your home – as you should be. However, when living somewhere for so long, we tend to get used to certain things, and overlook items that a prospective buyer might see. Maybe you’ve grown accustomed to the wallpaper in the bathroom that hasn’t been changed since the 90’s, or forgot about the hole in the wall from opening the door too quickly. You’ll want honest feedback from an outside perspective, so it’s better to hear the hard stuff from a friend, before putting your home on the market.

Paint your rooms a neutral color. This is not a mandatory requirement, merely a suggestion.

However, it will definitely benefit you in the long run. Painting every single room in your house is a lot to ask for, especially for a home you won’t be living in much longer – so we’re mainly referring to those rooms that may be “far off” from the neutral color pallet. Maybe one of your family members couldn’t live without bright orange walls in their bedroom… slapping a fresh coat of beige, white, or gray to cover up the orange is one less thing a buyer will feel like they have to change in order to make your house the perfect one for them!

Wash everything!

The floors, walls, windows, ceiling fans, vents, etc. Get all of the dust and grime out of your home. The cleaner the property, the more appealing it is to potential buyers.

Shampoo/deep clean carpets – especially if you have pets!

If you don’t want to do this yourself, hiring a professional carpet cleaner is the way to go. When we live with pets, we get used to the odors they leave behind. Unfortunately, not everyone likes our furry friends though. A deep cleaning of your carpets will reduce or eliminate any pet odors from your home.


This is probably the most important task. You’re moving anyways, so go ahead and pack up those collectables, knickknacks, and non-essential items that you have lying around. The less, the better.

Remove Personal Items

This pairs with the de-cluttering task. You want to remove any family photos or religious items before placing your home on the market. Simply because we want buyers to envision their own family in your home. It’s nothing personal, your artwork and family photos are beautiful, however we want your home to be marketable to ANY potential buyers.

Secure all valuables!

Place all of your expensive jewelry, guns, cash, passports, important documents, collectables, etc. in a safe. If you don’t have a safe, consider getting a safety deposit box at your bank for safekeeping while selling your home. When your home is on the market, many potential buyers will be walking through your property. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Remove excessive rugs, especially if they are covering hardwood floors!

Hardwoods are a selling point to a home – so don’t unnecessarily cover them up. If you have too many rugs out, buyers may begin to worry if you are trying to hide something underneath them.

Replace outdated door handles

…Maybe even cabinet hardware. Updating these simple handles can make a huge difference!

Last but not least, curb appeal!

When someone views your home the first thing they see is the exterior. It’s also the last thing they see when driving away. First impressions are huge, but you also want an exterior that gives them something to remember as they are leaving. Pressure wash your driveway and entryway, plant some seasonal flowers, and definitely mow the lawn periodically. Just make sure your outside is being taken care of throughout the selling process.

Now that you are fully equipped with these market ready tips, give us a call at (470) 655-1976 or schedule a Listing Conversation with us here at Heartland Real Estate.

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