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Welcome to Heartland Real Estate – we are excited to share what we have to offer as a brokerage.  

Most brokerages don’t want to share what they have to offer publicly, they want you to come in to “see if we are a fit” and then they use that time to “talk you into” their brokerages.  We feel that the bait and switch of that isn’t what most REALTORS® are looking for in a new real estate home. 

Most of them are wanting to look with confidentiality – they want to see what others have to offer without being pressured.  How do we know?  We were once agents as well!

We also are proud to be REALTORS®.  Held to a higher standard and abide by the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.  We aren’t ever going to violate Article 12 of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics by misleading you and using bait and switch to get you in the office till you sign.

Article 12 – REALTORS® shall be honest and truthful in their real estate communication and shall present a true picture in their advertising, marketing, and other without  misrepresentations.

We believe there are three pillars that make a brokerage.  Culture, Technology and Commissions.

We will explain them in detail below and give you the answers you are looking for.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to us where we will keep your information confidential, we can do a zoom call so you aren’t having to come to the office to be seen by your peers and have to answer questions before you are ready to answer them!  You can always email us or call the office for more info!

Our Values

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Culture is most important to us here at Heartland Real Estate!  We aren’t a brokerage that’s looking for the next five agents that are willing to sign up with Heartland.  We are going to talk to you when asking about the possibility of coming to Heartland to ensure you think like we do.

We know each other here, we help each other here and we are a brokerage of service.

Nakia Brooks and April Weaver, Heartland’s Co-Founders and Brokers, have long been known as “Servant” and “Transformative” leaders.  They have a heart of service to others and the community.  They are transformative in that they think differently and aren’t afraid to be open about trying something different and new.  

There’s a reason why we do NO outbound recruiting, we don’t have to!  We get calls weekly from licensees looking into Heartland.  Our REALTOR® Partners are the ones that talk about Heartland and their love for a brokerage that cares genuinely about them and their success. 

We encourage prospective licensees who are thinking about Heartland to call our agents randomly and ask why they are here!  

We encourage you as well, check out our roster and randomly call a few to see what they have to say about Heartland!

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We realize that technology is important to REALTORS®.  We have amazing technology because we have been honored to teach and learn across the nation.  In our teaching and learning, we get to hang out with some of the most amazing humans in the business to see what they are doing, what they are using.  We know what is and isn’t working! 

The key to our technology is we provide technology you are going to use, that’s going to help your business.  Check out our technology provided on our technology page.  

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Surprisingly, commissions are not the most important thing to the folks we talk with.  They want value for what they are paying.  

Nakia Brooks has long said, “price is only an option in the absence of value”.  If you aren’t seeing the value then the price is now the conversation.  

We feel like we have one of the best commission plans in the business, because we give you all the commissions but then we also provide you all the value to continue making more money.  

We are a transactional broker, meaning you keep 100% of your commissions minus a transaction fee.  That is capped out so the more you close, the more you will ultimately make.  We also have a monthly plan for those who qualify with no transactional fees (expect the required FMLS fees in specific areas).  Check out our commissions plans!

We whole heartedly believe transparency will help us all in this industry, no need to come in to hear what our commission plans are.  They are here for you!

Why is Heartland Real Estate different?

Our brokers and staff put our HEART and SOUL in every REALTOR® that we serve. As a brokerage, we have to serve our agents that are out here serving their clients. We strive to provide the best broker support, continuous instruction to make every single one of our REALTORS® better equipped to serve our clients.

With state-of-the-art technology, amazing team and individual coaching, we make it easier for our agents to serve their clients. Easy to learn and understand so that they can spend more time building relationships with their clients and serving their clients.

Heartland Real Estate was built on relationships, in the first two weeks of existence Heartland Real Estate had already grown to over 50 REALTORS® serving over $25 million and transactional volume. You’re only as good as the three people you hang around most, we strive to bring nothing but the most excellent service to each one of our people, who choses Heartland. Each and every single one of our people put their heart and soul and every single client they serve just like Heartland puts their heart and soul, and every single realtor they serve.

April Weaver and Nakia Brooks